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Enjaz Najd Sales and Project Management team offers years of extensive experience and expertise in steel fabrication and construction in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our services  include budget pricing, procurement, scheduling, and planning advice to ensure that your project is   being built efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.Enjaz Najd provides engineering and construction expertise from the early planning and design stages through to procurement, fabrication, and steel erection, striving to achieve the lowest total constructed cost within the most proficient schedule.Enjaz Najd’s services provide customers with an efficient, cost-effective model for purchasing their structural steel requirements.Unlike conventional methods, where customers separate large projects into numerous contracts with several steel fabricators, greatly increasing coordination and expediting requirements. Enjaz Najd’s distinct approach allows customers to contract services for the entire scope of any project


Enjaz Najd Engineering Department is staffed by a team of Professional Engineers with engineering expertise in all aspects of Structural steel fabrication and erection. Our team is experienced in structural steel and connection analysis and design, welding and fabrication engineering, lifting    procedures, quality standards and erection engineering, including fall protection.

Enjaz Najd has engineering registration in many industrial corporations and has engineering experience working with and building codes from other countries.Enjaz Najd Engineering strives to be an industry leader through active involvement in Standards   development and technical societies


Enjaz Najd Engineering can assist our Customers in efficiently optimizing their designs,       incorporating the latest engineering, fabrication and erection advances.



ENJAZ NAJD Can provide a wide range of different sizes and designs will fit all purposes from car parking shades to garden shades ,school shades , sport areas covering ,and smoking shelters… etc.

Enjaz Najd Shade Structures provides a full spectrum of services from design development, engineering expertise, construction documents, manufacturing and installation. We have gathered a team of          designers, steel fabricators, painters, engineers, fabricators and project co-coordinators that can take the project from idea to completion stage within the one company.

We are committed to achieving our client's objectives in a tension structure whether it be   uniqueness, high visibility, enhancing corporate identity, functionality, to allow patrons to sit in comfort or to screen or protect.




The Steel fabrication industry has entered an area of accelerated change. Enjaz Najd is staffed and equipped to meet this challenge. We are committed to operate on the leading edge of technology and  manpower training. Our fabrication facility is equipped with automatic advanced equipment,plate processing equipment, and welding processes. We are also utilizing continuous improvement techniques to ensure that our practices are effective, efficient and economical. In order to offer our customers a sole source steel        fabricator to supply your entire project, Enjaz Najd manages strategic partnerships with a selected group of fabricators, offering a combined output of structural steel that cannot be met anywhere in Eastern Province.


Enjaz Najd is one of the specialized Industrial Sliding & Swing Gate Manufacturers. We fabricate Sliding & Swing Gate with variety of materials considering the security needs of the customers. We can manufacture     Sliding  Security Gate in different sizes as per customers' specifications. The weight of sliding security gate varies in     accordance of the sizes our sliding gates provide better security against burglary etc. also the life of our    sliding gates is very long, lastly, you can get our unmatched sliding gates at very reasonable prices.           


Metal buildings did not grow popular until steel could be commercially produced to an affordable cost. Today, metal buildings are a very economical alternative to more expensive buildings, without sacrificing aspects such as safety, durability, strength and appealing aesthetic features.


Steel buildings are very popular among large companies as well as small business keepers. Commercial steel buildings are appreciated due to several reasons. Since steel is a strong, yet flexible, material it is possible to create steel buildings that will fit your particular business needs perfectly right from the start.



Enjaz Najd is one of the Civil construction (Structure works, Wall works, floor works & Other finishing works) also all type of maintenance  team in Jubail Industrial City. We have skilled team of  engineers and workers to do all type of construction and maintenance works in the field of SABIC, Royal Commission and other Clients. We are doing all the works as per Client required   Standard and Quality on time Safely.

Projects are more powerful when driven by a purpose. The purpose that brings ENJAZ NAJD’S expert     together with our clients is to create , enhance and sustain the WORLDS built , natural and  social   environment.




The Space grid system (Space Frame) is an architectural solution with some qualities well        differentiated over another type of structures: Versatility and adaptability distinguish our space truss systems, whose esthetic appeal makes them ideal for small-scale awnings, and whose ability to easily   accommodate point loads at almost any location makes possible the execution of long-span structures with a track record of success in such varied applications as sports halls, shopping centers, Ware house, Entrance gates industrial pavilions etc.



When conditions of drought continue on and on, the small amount of moisture present in all materials eventually dries out, causing the material to shrink - no matter how slightly - and crack. In dry times,                waterproofing your premises is possibly the last thing on your mind.


              When the rain finally comes it comes in buckets, seeking out every little crack, seeping, and sometimes pouring, into your workshop, storage areas, showroom, administration areas and more.


Though you can carry out roof repairs and concrete sealing after a leak, the best, most economical solution is to apply a high quality waterproofing membrane while the conditions are still dry - A roofing membrane that can flex with your roof and walls and act as a sealant over any cracks that may occur.